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BACKGROUND:  We opened our bookshop in Lakefield’s old railway station in 1998.  Since then we have been gradually restoring the building, an on-going process, while building an extensive inventory of fine used books and prints.  Today the station lies at the end of a picturesque rail-trail which follows the old line from Peterborough north alongside the Otonabee River to the village of Lakefield.  In past days steamers waited at the end of the line to carry visitors to their summer cottages on the Kawartha Lakes.  Today, the trail is well-used in summer by cyclists, walkers, joggers and assorted dogs.

OUR BUSINESS:  After 16 years of operating principally with walk-in customers we have joined the general trend of broadening our horizon and so are creating our first web site.  We will gradually increase our presence on-line while continuing to serve our walk-in customers.  We have a small family staff: David, with decades of experience as a collector, reader, student and lover of the book, runs the day-to-day store details of buying and selling.  Elizabeth, retired from her previous employment, professionally mats and frames some of our antique prints in her framing room located at the shop.  Bronwen, our daughter, who works as a book and paper conservator in Sydney, Australia, is designing and will manage our web site – the wonders of world-wide communication.

BUSINESS HOURS:  Our shop is seasonal. We are currently closed for the season. Please contact us by email with any queries. In our small village we are very much weather dependent.  We try to open from April to November if the cold and snow permit.  As always we are happy to accept orders or enquiries via e-mail at dgloverbooks@bell.net.

Although we try to maintain regular hours during the season, there are occasions when other commitments force us to close.  There are other times when someone is in the shop longer hours.  If we are there, we are open.  We are also happy to open at other times by appointment.  If you are traveling a long distance, or would like to make an appointment, please phone ahead.

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